Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Never try to write, or do anything for that matter, when you are on the verge of collapsing into your keyboard.  I have been working too much lately at my job and haven't had a chance to take a break.  I took some time off a while ago and I think I felt a bit guilty about that because I had just started (within my first 3 months) and already I was taking 5 days off.  So now I've been trying to go as long and as hard as I can ("that's what she said").  The problem is of course sleep deprivation.  I know some writers can function, but really how much quality can you possibly produce?  Doesn't the average human being need at least five hours of sleep?

We had an event Saturday and then another event yesterday (Tuesday) and I didn't get very much sleep either nights.  I come home, check some emails, get on the phone, read up on some articles (not in that order) and try to figure out what to wear for these events.  I never realized how important it was to own a suit until now.  I have been giving my co-workers fair warning that I may collapse at any time so keep an ear out for a thud of some kind.  Seriously, it's that bad... the kind of tired where you are nodding off every 5-10 seconds and when you turn corners you feel your body going a liiiitle too far in that direction.  When I get like this, my fingers don't move across the keyboard as fast or as smoothly, my words end up backwards and jumbled.  I am struggling to write this post.  I need to just sleep!  However, there's no rest to be had, at least not yet.  I still need to sit down and read my novel!!!


Diego said...

I hear you, sometimes though you just get an idea or inspiration at the worst time. It never works out though, sleep always wins out in the end.

Nice blog, are you a published writer?

Nevada Wolf said...

Thank you! I usually carry with me wherever I go some kind of tool for recording... whether it's the notepad in my cell phone or a small notepad to put in my back pocket, in case I get any ideas. I am not published yet... part of my journey is getting over the protective fear and getting out there more.